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Jeff Sipe is an experienced teacher and clinician. Jeff has developed detailed notated systems for learning rhythm, Time keeping, and for composing original drum beats. Jeff has also provided a frame work for understanding rhythmic resolutions and cadences to help with musical transitions end endings. these concepts where developed while studying various music styles from around the world. Some of these art forms are quite ancient [such as in India and Africa] and some are fairly new [for example..American Jazz].

Jeff focuses on developing musicality, good tone, good time feels, ergonomic technique to help improve posture, endurance, stamina, speed, dynamics, and relaxation technique. There are also motion studies excersises developed to help improve ease of playing. these insights have helped shape the styles of many people over the years and with great results.

Jeff is actively giving workshops for large and small groups. Jeff also teaches small band and rhythm section techniques for ensemble playing as well as private instrucion. Jeff is available at your school to perform solo or with his group in a workshop environment.

Virtual Private & Group Lessons Available

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Jeff Sipe
[email protected]
(828) 556-8007

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