New Book! Rhythm Patterns For Drum Set by Jeff Sipe


127 page book for drummers and musicians who want to develop rhythm understanding and increase rhythm vocabulary

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Book Contents

1.) Introduction

Playing Relaxed • 
Practice Ideas • 
The Art of Accompaniment • Musical Time Keeping • Drum Legend

2.) Time

Note Values and Rests
 • Time Scale
 • Time Scale Stickings • 
Time Scale With Groupings of 2-12 • Time Scale with Single Stroke Roll • Time Scale with Double Stroke Roll • Polyrhythms

3.) Right & Left Hand Patterns

Duplet Permutations • 
Embellished Triplets & Quads • 
Triplet Accents • 
Triple Accents Using Double Strokes Stickings in 3/8
Stickings in 5/8
Stickings in 7/8
Stickings in 9/8
Paradiddle Permutations

4.) Rhythm & Phrasing Dotted Eighths and Sixteenths

Dotted Eighths Across Quarter Notes
Rhythmic Resolution Archetypes
Consecutive Note Groupings of 2 – 9 with Gaps of 1 – 9 Consecutive 8th Note Triplets Separated by 1 – 4 Gaps 4 Consecutive Notes with Gaps of 1 – 10
5 Note Groupings with Gaps of 1 – 9

Classic World Rhythms

5.) Drum Set Patterns High Hat Foot, Heel/Toe Technique

Getting Comfortable with Up-Beats
Getting Comfortable with Up-Beats #2
Walking Feet Beats
Walking Feet with Off-beat Cymbal
Single Stroke, Downbeat & Backbeat variations Single Stroke Accents in Second Line Groove Ride Patterns

Swing Ride Patterns
Jazz Ride Patterns & Permutations
Swing Ride Patterns With Complimentary Snare Paradiddle Permutations for Kick, Snare & Hat Ostinato Beats for Ride & Snare
Clave for Three Limbs
Rhythm Cycles For Bass, Snare & Floor

Melodic Patterns For Kick & Two Toms
The 6 Two-Limb Triplet Combinations with Jazz Ride Check Patterns in Combination
Triplet Check Patterns
Triplet Combinations for Back Beat Grooves Two-Limb Triplet Combinations in 9/8
Three Note Groupings For Kick, Snare & Floor Tom Kick, Snare & Hat Linear Quads
Kick, Snare, Hat Linear Style Triplets & Sextuplets

6.) Drum Beats & Styles Duplet Accent Variations

Duplets in Triple time
2/4 Kick & Snare Combinations Backbeat Studies with 7 Ride Patterns Half Time Shuffle Variations
African Grooves
Classic Drum Beats

7.) Odd Time Grooves Grooves in Three Quarter Time

Grooves in Five Quarter Time
5/4 Beats
Groove In 5/4
Grooves in Seven Quarter Time Jazz Swing Time Modulation Melodic Grooves, Setups & Fills Melodic Rhythm Cycles for Drum Set